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電話Tel: +86 0752-3522892 傳真Fax: +86 0752-3522992 E-mailE-mail:mail@hzggzz.com 地圖Add:Xinxing Industrial Park,Chang Bu Cun, Xin Xu Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City, Guangdong
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About company

Huizhou Guanggang Precision Casting CO. Led was founded in year 2010.It’ s located in Xinxu, Huiyang, Guangdong province. It is about 5minutes way from Hui Yan Highway and 10minutes way from Shen Shan Highway. Company occupies 12000 square meters land and with more than 130 employees. Company production capacity is 80 Tons per month.     

As a leading professional lost wax casting parts manufacturer, we mainly provides machinery casting parts, auto casting parts, valve casting parts, pipe couplings and fittings, hardware tools and lockset parts for various heavy industries. With the production capacity of 960 tons each year, we actively introduce the advanced technology for making sure to provide products of the high quality. Meanwhile, our products could meet the requirements of the ASTM, JIS, AISI and GB. So we enjoy high reputation in the line. 

Our management idea is providing products with the advanced technology, the best price and the superior quality. 
     If you have interests in our products, please feel free to contact us, send us your drawings or CAD files , we would like be your partner in China。 

TEL: 13500189814  周先生 
Phone: 0752-3522892/3522992 
E-mail:: mail@hzggzz.com 
聯系人: 周先生  Contact:M rzhou