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Bill of materials management

Deep sea word (20040425-01) file

Chapter 1 general rule

Article 1 in order to meet the needs of the enterprise management system reform, standardize the enterprise organization and behavior, further improve warehouse storage management, ensure the company assets and materials against losses, formulates this system.

Article 2 this system is based on the material scope of "shenzhen haixinda machinery factory".

Chapter ii establishment and scope of work

Article 1 the company shall be responsible for the company's position in charge of the warehouse.

Article 2 the supervisor of the warehouse shall be responsible for the scope of work and the exercise of authority.

A, responsible for the actual consumption during the process of production and operation of direct materials, auxiliary materials, equipment, parts, processing materials, homemade semi-finished products and finished products, fuel, power, packing materials and low-value products such as inbound and outbound keeping work and production and operation of the required material purchasing plan.

To be responsible for the warehouse management and to organize the implementation of the company resolutions.

To be responsible for the formulation of the internal management and setup of the warehouse.

To be responsible for the management of the warehouse, to prepare the warehouse and to supply the warehouse materials.

Fifth, distribute and implement the responsibility of the management of the materials.

Chapter iii material management system

Article 1 according to the business scope of the company, the following subject is set:

One, material purchase (raw material, auxiliary materials, low value, consumption)

Second, entrust processing material

Third, homemade semi-finished product

Four, finished goods

Article 2 the acceptance of materials shall be "in and out of acceptance, quality first".

A into the warehouse, the material, the goods must be signed by the warehouse supervisor confirmed acceptance, after qc inspection qualified rear can put in storage, and deal with relevant formalities, on the strength of the original according to fill in the acceptance into the bill.

The materials and materials in and out of the warehouse must conform to the name, specification and model of the relevant contract, order and documents.

Third, the unit that clearly enters the warehouse material, the material should be strictly clear in the quantity at the same time.

To verify the quality of the material in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Attached: the material is inspected by the inspection department. The warehouse shall only be opened in the warehouse only when the relevant materials have been certified. The goods of the warehouse shall be inspected strictly for quality and shall not be put into use or into the market after the inspection by the quality inspection department.

Article 3 the materials to be kept in storage shall be organized, sorted, sorted, sorted and sorted, piled up neatly and clearly marked

First, according to the categories of materials, the fixed areas where the materials are arranged.

The material card shall be established for the various materials for locating the Numbers.

Three, according to the area code, the number of the frame, the layer number, the number of the item to carry on the uniform number, and corresponding with the number on the account, the card.

Article 4 material management shall be classified and stored, and the environment is appropriate

Different materials have unique physical and chemical properties, and have different requirements for storage placement methods and environment.

For inflammable, explosive and corrosive substances, special libraries shall be carried out to prevent adverse consequences.

Third, the material such as waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof and so on, need to undertake protective measure, lest material damage or go bad.

Article 5 the materials, accessories and tools needed for the workshop shall be delivered to the warehouse three days in advance, except for special circumstances. The warehouse supervisor shall submit the order and the inventory condition according to the order of production, and the deputy general manager shall purchase the goods department after the approval

Article 6 the provisions for the construction of materials shall be consistent with the contents of the accounts and corresponding to the card certificates

Article 7 the physical inventory shall be taken regularly. The aim is to avoid shortage, loss or excess of storage

Make regular inventory. The warehouse manager, warehouse supervisor, the statistician and the statistician will, in general, make a complete inventory of the material in the warehouse. (the executive or the department of staff is assigned by the general manager)

The two aspects of quantity and quality should be paid attention to. One is to check whether the credit card is the same; The second is to check the preservation of supplies. You need to know the benefits and the quality of the materials.

After the stocktaking, the table should be compiled and the facts are reported. If the problem is found, the reason should be analyzed, the responsibility should be investigated, and the appropriate corrective plan should be taken if necessary.

Article 8. According to the relevant provisions of the warehouse management, in view of the production tools required in production line of high and low utilization rate, companies to adopt: common tools, not commonly used tool to borrow.

Chapter iv the system of the administration of negotiable instruments

In order to regulate the financial behavior of the company, it is advantageous to compete, develop and protect the interests of the company

First, strictly control the quality of the products. Master the specifications and attributes of the product, and the documents are not to be collected. To eliminate the requirement of opening white stripes or oral forms.

Understand the production process, understand the material, the material use, the agent and the pilot both sign.

Part three, sending trainers and picking affect production for deliberately cheating or serious dereliction of duty, the legacy company supplies caused economic losses, according to the staff rewards and punishment regulations seriously, and jointly and severally liable.

If the product enters the library, it must go through the relevant formalities with the production manager; In the case of the bank, the authorized personnel of the company shall sign the leaflet, which shall be shipped by the warehouse supervisor.

Chapter v safety management system

Safety is the most important part of the enterprise's production benefit, and the safety awareness of the education storehouse can be eliminated and cleaned up

The warehouse partition should be reasonable and keep the channel open.

Smoking is strictly prohibited, and the carrying of fire enters the warehouse and is vigilant for the occurrence of fire.

The warehouse should be ready for prevention.

The responsibility of the security shall be the responsibility of all the administrators of the warehouse, and all administrators shall be jointly and severally liable for the discovery of the unsafe hidden danger and the responsibility of the persons responsible for the punishment of 50 yuan.

Chapter 6 responsibilities and power and dismissal of the warehouse

Article 1 in order to strengthen the warehouse operator's work ethic and sense of responsibility, the warehouse should be conscientious, guard a pass strictly, comply with all formalities in the receiving and sending system.

Article 2 the materials, accessories and tools used in the workshop must be properly kept. In case of loss or man-made damage, the compensation shall be made on price. If there is any loss or damage in the workshop, and if the person is not informed, the responsibility of the warehouse shall be investigated.

Article 3 of the workshop waste recycling by the warehouse, no unit or individual shall not deal with, otherwise, according to the staff rewards and punishment regulations seriously, and shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Article 4 those who are responsible for their work conscientiously and have outstanding achievements in their work shall be rewarded according to the regulations on the reward and punishment of employees.

Article 5 all administrators must strictly observe the implementation of this system in line with the principle of long-term health development of the enterprise and the protection of the property of the company. If the articles are intentionally violated, the company shall be dismissed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor law.

During the trial period, it is proved that the employment condition is not met, including personal quality, professional ethics and so on.

To seriously violate the rules of labor discipline or unit of employing units.

Third, serious dereliction of duty, favouritism fraud, cause serious economic loss to unit of choose and employ persons.

To be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Chapter vii supplementary provisions

Article 1 the present system shall be supplemented by the ministry of development's resolution. The modification and supplementary provisions of the deputy general manager are part of the articles of association.

Article 2 the present system shall be promulgated on May 01, 2004.

Article 3 the provisions and implementation plans of this system shall come into force after the examination and filing of the company's executive director.