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The Ministry of Commerce urged the United States in the field of steel trade relief measures with caution

According to the Xinhua news agency in the United States recently made on imports from China and other countries and regions of the resistance corrosion plate constitute a substantial damage to the final of the beauty industry, Ministry of Commerce, trade relief investigation bureau is responsible for people on the 28th issued a statement pointed out that the United States practice is contrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), China is and will continue to take the litigation in the WTO, all measures including, safeguarding the interests of the export enterprises.
The responsible person said, the world iron and steel industry is facing difficulties are caused by the international financial crisis, governments and industry need to strengthen communication and cooperation, and frequently taken trade protection is not conducive to solve the problem. China urges the United States to assume responsibility for the response to the international financial crisis, in the field of steel trade prudent use of trade remedy measures to create favorable conditions for the development of the global iron and steel trade and the recovery of the steel industry.