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Iron and steel raw materials market rally slowed down the coke market shocks

United Steel Wire reports, June 29, the iron and steel raw material on the spot market gains slowed, imported ore spot market prices steady; domestic ore part of the main producing areas of the market price stability; billet market strong run; coke market shocks down; shipping market continued to rise.
Specific view, 29 imported ore spot market prices steady, turnover declined yesterday. Jingtang 61.5% Australian fine ores reported 410 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day flat; 62% of Australian ore fines CIF reported $53.9 / ton, compared with the previous trading day fell 0.4 U.S. dollars / ton. After Monday and yesterday after the centralized procurement of steel mills, today imported ore market return to calm, steel mills to wait and see the mentality, the seller and the buyer are concerned about the market outlook. Futures: 1609 iron ore contract all day long Chonggao weak shock, the final 418.5 rose 0.72%.
Inside the mine, the main producing areas of domestic ore market price stability. Beginning this week, the iron ore futures rose sharply, iron ore port spot rose slightly, while the domestic mine side temporarily to wait and see. With the rise in the prices of foreign mines, the competitive advantage of domestic ore is increasing, is expected to start next week, the price of domestic ore will be adjusted, but the adjustment is still limited space.
29, the strength of the national steel billet market operation. Shandong steel billet prices rose 20 yuan / ton, Yunnan rose 70 yuan / ton, other areas of stability. On the Tangshan market, since late June since the resumption of production of steel billet, Tangshan continued to pull up, the cumulative rose 170 yuan / ton. But after recent days of rising prices, the existence of overdraft phenomenon, from the demand point of view, does not have the power to continue to rise, is expected to Tangshan steel billet market in recent days or will be in the finishing stage.
Coke market volatility down, the market turnover situation is poor. Guizhou Liupanshui, Anhui Huaibei and Henan Pingdingshan coke price fell 50 yuan / ton. Wuhai, Inner Mongolia coke price fell 30 yuan / ton. Hejin, Shandong, Weifang, Shaanxi, Hancheng, Shanxi, Hebei and Tangshan coke price also dropped to varying degrees 10-20 yuan / ton. On the whole, the mayor of steel forward shocks down, almost swallowed steel profits, forcing them to suppress the price of coke, coke prices have no room for the game with the mill. Coke prices fall at the end of the fall of relatively strong coking coal prices have downward pressure, now game center of gravity has been transferred to the coke and coal prices. Recently a steel market rebound in steel prices bottomed out. Pre coke prices will follow the trend in the future with the steel market. Futures: Coke 1609 contract closed 932 afternoon dip rebound, up 0.11%, suliangjiancang.
29, scrap market steady rise, turnover in general. The charge price in Jiangsu is maintained at 1450-1470 yuan / ton. Shandong heavy scrap prices in the 1420-1450 yuan / ton. Fujian heavy duty on the transaction price of the transaction price of 1430-1550 yuan / ton. Jiangxi heavy scrap price 1400-1430 yuan / ton. Hunan heavy scrap prices in the 1280-1330 yuan / ton. Hubei heavy scrap prices in the basic 1300-1350 yuan / ton. Shanxi region heavy duty 1280-1350 yuan / ton. Hebei heavy scrap prices in the 1450-1500 yuan / ton. It is understood, in part by steel procurement volume and price hike, business mentality turnaround operation enthusiasm has improved, is expected to the recent steel market will continue to be undermined stability operation.
Pig market turnover and price stability. It is understood, now stage upstream raw materials in the market and the downstream steel market of pig iron market difficult to good supporting role, in the short term demand for pig iron difficult to have a big bang, is expected in the late iron market prices will be dominated by smooth running.
29 dry bulk shipping market continued to rise, the index and freight rates have a certain degree of growth. Brazil to China shipping fee of $9.373 / tons, up $0.028 / tons (15-18 million tons); Western Australia to China shipping fee 4.160 dollars / ton, up $0.114 / tons (15-18 million tons); South Africa to China's $6.5 / tons (15-18 million tons); Iran to China 9.5-10.5 dollars / ton (2-3 million tons). Southeast Asia shipping activity is deserted, at present Indonesia to the South China port freight 2.5-3.5 U. S. dollars / ton (7-8 million tons); 3-4 U. s.dollars / ton (5-6 million tons).