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State-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions market of five iron and steel industry expected high tide

SOE reform is accelerating forward. Up to now, 1+12 supporting documents have been formally introduced, the 7 group of central enterprises to implement the joint reorganization. It is reported that central enterprises "45" plan has been approved by the coming, central enterprises 45 period strategic adjustment of the layout and structure of state-owned economy will receive an indelible mark. "To promote the restructuring and restructuring of the central enterprises" is expected in the near future, the ten reform pilot is brewing start. Insiders pointed out that the second half of the reform of state-owned enterprises around the market restructuring tide surge, nuclear power, aviation, shipping, military, railways and other five major industry restructuring is expected to higher.
The central enterprises reform and revival
In June, the central enterprises reform and the new steps. Following the China Building Materials Group and material group announced a reorganization, June 2, China Minmetals Group and China Metallurgical Group held a reorganization of the general assembly, two of the world's 500 strong central enterprises restructuring and integration taken a substantial step. On June 26, shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares were issued a notice said, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and Baosteel Group is planning a strategic restructuring and company stock since 27, suspension, and a pair of heavyweight central enterprises restructuring rumors were confirmed. Central enterprises strategic reform is moving forward at full speed, capital market central enterprises and listing Corporation capital market moves frequently. On June 17, * ST East tantalum, CLP Guangtong, * ST jichai, Nanyang Technological and fresh environment of listed companies have released the progress of asset restructuring announcement.
Central enterprises reform, the pilot first. Currently, the ten reform pilot deployment and promote the market has become a hot spot.
In February this year, the SASAC pointed out that in 2016 to further promote the ten reform pilot". Including: one is on the board of directors to implement the terms of the pilot; two is on the market hiring managers of the pilot; three is about the pilot implementation of occupation manager system; the four is about the difference of salary distribution reform; five is a state-owned capital investment and operating company pilot, will choose 3-5 companies to carry out the state-owned capital investment company the pilot, promote the Chengtong Group, the new company for the restructuring of state-owned capital operating company; six is about the merger and reorganization of central enterprises pilot; seven is a part of important areas of mixed ownership reform, the first half of this year will determine the first batch of pilot enterprises, and establish the pilot implementation of the program, the second half of eight is on the official launch of the pilot; mixed ownership ESOP pilot plan for the central enterprises in 10 provinces and cities respectively guide sub enterprises, 10 enterprises to choose Industry to carry out the pilot; nine is about the state-owned enterprise information disclosure work pilot; ten is about stripping corporate social functions and solve historical problems left over by the pilot.
SOE reform has entered the stage of practical operation, the next few months is the reform of state-owned enterprises is expected to focus on the introduction of a high incidence of policy." Analysts believe that the future of the central enterprises to recommend attention: first, the state-owned investment company pilot. To determine the current state-owned capital investment company pilot is Chengtong holdings, the new company and China Minmetals, expected in the future will also increase more than three. Two merger and reorganization of the central enterprises, the principle is to promote a mature one, the second half of this year, the central enterprises of the merger and reorganization of not less than 6, including vertical integration of industrial chain and horizontal integration of the same industry. Three is mixed change. Concentrated in electric power, oil and gas, railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, military, mixed to change the second half of the pilot will be launched, especially the military industry's asset injection is worth attention. Four is employee stock ownership. Third quarter is expected to announce the opinions about the state-owned holding mixed ownership enterprises to carry out the employee stock ownership pilot, and select 10 central enterprises to mixed ownership enterprise as the employee stock ownership pilot, is dominated by science and technology, manpower intensive type, military type enterprise.
Local state-owned enterprises.
Judging from all over the country to promote the deployment of the reform, as of now, at least 25 provinces and cities has announced the SOE reform program, which ten provinces of Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Jiangxi, Fujian, Qinghai, Gansu, Jilin this year promulgated new reform initiatives and deployment related reform. To sort out the reform policies of state owned enterprises in various provinces and cities, the reform of mixed ownership, mergers and acquisitions, employee stock ownership and the introduction of war has become an important measure.
Performance in the capital market, the local listed state-owned enterprises and mergers and acquisitions are also significantly increased. Since June, after Nantian information, * ST Zhongqi, Shanghai port, Zhengzhou coal, Chutian speed, Dongjiang environmental, Lingnan holding companies have announced the suspension progress in restructuring announcement.
According to the data shows, the first five months of this year, public 88 events from mergers and acquisitions, mainly concentrated in the market value of state-owned enterprises ranked the forefront of the eastern coastal provinces and cities, namely Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui and other economic development fast and clear ideas of reform and is often before the reform along the positions of the area. In the traditional industries dominated, overcapacity concentrated in the industry in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other northern provinces followed. Shanghai, Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong is the reform of state-owned enterprises promote the fastest area, is expected to increase the intensity of state-owned enterprises listed as a whole or core assets listing, mixed change, accelerate state-owned capital investment, operation and reorganization of a company set up a pilot and recommendations concern with asset injection and the overall market is expected to "large group, small companies. In addition, concern over the introduction of SOE reform rules, including mixed change, equity incentive and employee stock ownership and supporting policies; provinces promulgated mixed and 10 employee stock ownership of the pilot, and listed on the local state-owned enterprises to speed up the equity incentive and employee stock ownership and the pace of merger and reorganization.
Open market mergers and acquisitions tide
Chinese Enterprise Research Institute chief researcher Li Jin said, with the reform of state-owned enterprises ten