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The Belt and Road traffic priority or pull 400 billion investment

Since 2015, the new version of "green building evaluation criteria" was formally implemented. The promotion of green building has opened the door for the development of the market of steel structure. Not only is the downstream construction industry, China Iron and Steel Association is also actively research, and plans to jointly related industries and enterprises to promote the construction of steel structure. The industry believes that, under the policy boost, the steel market space will gradually open.
Application of steel structure
In the recently held quarterly information conference, China Steel Association executive vice president Zhu Jimin said "China Steel Association is actively and downstream steel industry cooperation, to create a platform, the promotion of steel structure building."
China Securities Journal reporter learned that not long ago CISA just to Hunan Changsha devoted to examining the part of high-rise steel structure construction enterprises. According to Zhu Jimin introduction, through the realization of the factory production, modular installation, a 57 story steel structure can be capped only 19 days.
"Equivalent to 1 days to build the 3 layer, the construction speed is the highest in the world, and can be achieved with steel energy and indoor air automation control." Zhu Jimin said that the steel structure can be more than 60% of the normal concrete building energy saving.
It is understood that, compared to the traditional concrete structure, steel structure has light weight, strong seismic performance, short construction cycle, energy saving, environmental protection and many other advantages. Green building and housing industrialization is an important subject of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the steel structure is one of the feasible direction. However, CITIC construction investment analyst pointed out that China's steel industry, the degree of market competition is fierce, the concentration is not high. Currently the main factors that restrict the development of the steel structure are the construction cost and the design of the fittings.
In this regard, Zhu Jimin said, in the current steel prices, the steel structure of the construction of the cost and the overall effect of the construction has been equipped with the other structure of the competitive advantage. If the country to give the necessary policy support, the future of steel construction will have a very big promotion prospects."
"Cost cost, we developed a new technology system than PC (precast concrete) has obvious advantages, can reduce the 10%-20%." Hangxiao Vice President Chen Rui told the China Securities newspaper reporter, compared with traditional concrete construction, the system of time limit for a project can be shortened more than half, cost management, financing costs, labor costs and various aspects can be greatly reduced.
According to industry estimates, in more than ten layers of steel structure, the amount of steel per square meter of about 150 kg to 200 kg. "Steel structure can be recycled, China's such a large building body mass, in the future if you do 1/3 or even half of the high-rise building using steel structure, will have a huge strategic significance." Zhu Jimin expressed the hope that through the role of the association, put forward policy recommendations to promote the development of steel structure.
At present, China Steel Association is actively promoting the iron and steel industry and downstream with the joint of the steel industry, including the establishment of offshore steel platform and a series. Zhu Jimin, used in the construction of steel, China Steel Association has been to create a steel structure of the docking platform, the future will strive for and the relevant industries and enterprises cooperation, promote the application of steel structure building.
Fierce competition in the industry
At present, China's steel structure industry market degree is high, the market competition is more intense, but the industry concentration is not high, even if the largest market share of the company is not more than 2%.
According to the China Steel Structure Association statistics, in early 2015, the country has a steel structure manufacturing enterprise qualification units a total of 375, but an annual output of more than 100 thousand tons of more than 50 enterprises.
CSC research shows, in the above scale enterprises, according to the degree of market can be divided into two categories: a class is represented by Seiko steel, Hangxiao, Southeast grid, Honglu and listed companies, fully oriented market independent operation of private enterprises; is a kind of to construction steel, Shanghai Baoye as the representative of the large and medium-sized state-owned steel enterprises, mainly to provide supporting system construction, did not fully market-oriented.
2014 steel structure industry as a whole is facing problems of fixed assets investment in the doldrums, the fierce market competition, project loaning risk increases, the collection cycle is prolonged, the listed companies fell by more than half of the steel structure of business income. Data show that in 2014, Seiko steel steel business operating income 6 billion 800 million yuan, down 8.49%. Honglu 2014 steel business income is 3 billion 430 million yuan, down 14.33%.
However, in 2014 the listing Corporation steel structure business revenue fell, but the gross profit margin but hit a new high. According to the calculation of the CITIC construction investment, in 2014 A shares of listing Corporation steel structure products, the gross margin order: light.
In the competitive market environment, the development of higher gross margin business, enhance the fine management, reduce procurement costs, is a common choice for the listing Corporation. In the business development of the listing Corporation, the gross profit margin is lower than the light steel structure projects revenue decline or flat. Honglu, for example, take the company strategy is more to undertake risk controllable processing and steel manufacturing orders, carry out meticulous management, investment building integrated product development etc..
Currently two cities have 5 steel structure companies to disclose the notice, the growth outlook is not optimistic about the performance. Among them, Honglu, Fuhuang steel structure, Southeast grid is expected half continued earnings light is group, the Tay bridge is expected to continued losses in the first half. Honglu said the company's main business is in a period of adjustment, the green building business is in a period of rapid development, R & D investment