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Internet + plus is the best opportunity to break through the traditional industries

PC era, the simple and rapid replication of the Internet Co can seize the industry opportunities, and into the mobile Internet era, a simple Internet Co can not accurately access the new business model. The Internet and traditional businesses, if you are unable to occupy the market, fight the enemy separately, it will have to change the business model of Internet formats: Internet plus, its essence is Internet plus traditional industries, is the core of the future direction of the new economy, the new model.
It can be said that there is no line of pure Internet companies can flow, but can not be converted into revenues and profits; and traditional enterprise's market share is constantly diverted, in the tide of the Internet, if it had not made to comply with the time change, simply can not survive. Internet companies and traditional industries of mergers and acquisitions, has become an irresistible trend.
In most of the needs of line channel advantages of the industry, the newly established pure Internet companies to integrate the line, very difficult to operate, and those in leading position in the industry of traditional industries to embrace the Internet, there is a great potential and business opportunities, because to embrace the Internet only a very short period of time, and set up a wide range of reasonable line channels, need long time of accumulation, both physical outlets capital or staffing. So, what have the best chance for traditional companies to embrace the Internet and gorgeous, from an ugly duckling into Phoenix Nirvana? Which of the industry has been fully excavated, what industry still has a huge space?
Has been fully tap the Internet plus industry include: Internet plus Internet plus financial education, etc., these two types of online and offline integration, has been fully aware of the market, because of its mode of development is initiated by the majority of Internet companies, to the next line of development, and its business focus can remain more in the Internet, it has long been blitz.
Has not been fully tapped Internet plus industry include: Car + Internet + Internet + Internet retail, agriculture, Home Furnishing + Internet + Internet, brand clothing, traditional industrial products + Internet etc.. Its main focus on online and offline portal resources, the business is focused on line distribution rather than online contact, in these industries, the pure Internet Co is hard to penetrate down. In this industry, more realistic Internet plus mode, is the leading enterprises in traditional industries, by embracing the Internet to achieve transformation, give full play to its channel advantages, to achieve industry consolidation and development, who integrate well, whoever wins.
Therefore, this year on the Internet a major opportunity, does not lie in the has done very well, fried very high Internet down fusion, and more is: a that were supposed to expire the traditional enterprises, to embrace the Internet, so as to realize the transformation and breakthrough.